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    Richards-Realm.com, Addam:
    Nasty Angels is a great concept in design. The quantity, originality and style of the content is fantastic. There are features that make Nasty Angels unique in this overcrowded niche including light box to save your favourite photos and the adult games section. The models are incredibly cute and unlike most young looking female focused sites Nasty Angels offers hardcore as well. Remarkable selection of young girlies! Just solid site and great girls!
    The members area is divided into three sections. The left column which spans the adjacent rows has a login form. Situated underneath is a random picture from one of the many sets Nasty Angels has to offer. Directly underneath the random picture preview is the option to sign up for the newsletter.

    Next to the left column are 3 rows. Attacking these rows in order, we start off with what can be best described as the main navigation panel. The site's content is chopped up in to 6 areas as follows; Softcore Pics., Movies, Teen Reality Pics & Vids, Hardcore Pics, Adult Games and Live Video Chat.     Underneath the updates row is a section titled Top Files. This section shows the members what are the hot files of the site based on, "Most Rated", "Most Voted", "Most Viewed" and "Most Commented".
    Some original features that have been added to Nasty Angels are the Games section as well as Live Video Chat. I had a particularly good time at the games section. The games were good enough to play for a while and just mix things up a little.
    The video section has a lot to offer. It only takes a couple of clicks to find a clip that will suit your needs. Clicking on a video preview takes you through to another page presenting the video in mini clips. This is a must in my opinion as I always like to see screen shots of the movie to see what IĀm getting before I download. Plus I enjoy the option of picking certain scenes if I wish not to download the whole video. There is the option to stream the video but only at one speed though which will hurt you 56k internet surfers.
    Both the hardcore and softcore pictures are presented in the same fashion. Each page, while clicking through the catalogue of photo sets, shows a preview of the models involved in the set in a mocked up Polaroid picture frame with their names underneath. I think this is quite a nice touch and clearly shows what you'll be seeing in the set.
    Clicking on a photo set will push you through to the gallery page which presents the photos set in a clear manner. The thumbnails are clear and there is an option to put your favourite pictures in to a light box online. The photo quality is great. You will be pleased with the quantity, originality and style that Nasty Angles has to offer! The sets are large and the pictures are explicit.

Adultsitesurfer.com, Furry Monster:
    Nasty Angels is full of Russian teen girls. That means young looking, natural, amateur beauties. The site has a lovely navigation system. The photos are all browsable by categories, you can choose how many pictures you want on one page, and everything is downloadable in ZIP files. Nice touches!
    You will find the following categories: Softcore Pics contains Solo models and Lesbians,Hardcore Pics and Movies containing Softcore & Hardcore sections. Sections varies really, I think they use a lot of photographers. Some of pics are really simple, with no decent scenery. Just pure beaties with no clothes :-) Yet there are great sets as well, which reminded me some artistic photographers works.
    The videos have the same girls, a lot of hardcore ones here.

Length varies, it's 3-20 minutes, let's say an average one is 9 mins long. They are amateur kind of vids, quite enjoyable! The couples kiss, and we often get a good look at the girl's face. These make the thing authentic and sensual. I was surprised, format is DivX, and quality is great! The movies are split into 1-2 minute long parts, you can watch them on the site, or download them. ZIP downloads work here too, so you don't need to click on them all one by one.
    The other sections feature bonus content. You can play some games in Adult Games. You get access to 24/7 Live webcam network. Under "Teen reality pics & vids", you get 8 plug-in feeds, featured hot teen porn.
    There is a lot of great stuff here, if you like amateur, sensible stuff! If this is your thing, this site will appeal to you.

RabbitsReviews.com, Peacock:
    "They kiss and tease, then suck and fuck!" They are hot little girls who have just turned 18, and they are at Nasty- Angels.com. The site looks good and is well designed, making it easy to browse around and see what's available.
    There are 2 picture sections, one softcore and one hardcore. They call it soft-core, but a lot of the lesbian shoots had nice fingering and pussy licking. The hardcore section has boy/girl, with some boy/girl/girl sets which take you right through the scene, from the clothed couple to the money shot. Picture quality is very good, and all the sets can be downloaded in Zip files.
    Members also have access to a video section. All the action is hardcore, and most of the scenes are girl/guy. However, I did see some solo girl episodes, some 3-girl scenes, and some girl/girl/guy scenes as well. This all sounds good, and it is. There

were the best looking videos I have seen in a long time. Scenes are split up into short clips, but you can download all of them together in one or more nice Zip files. Besides the Nasty Angels, members also get access to loads of hardcore Teen content in the bonus section. This section provides members with 8 hardcore reality sites filled with amateur 18-23 content, like: Desperate Teens, Fresh Meat Fuck, Teen Sex Tour, BackSeat Suck and Fuck, Her 1st Lesbian Experience, She Likes It Big, Teen Boat Bangers and Teen GangBangers.
    Nasty Angels and all of the bonus sites make this a nice place to cum and get your fill of those hot amateur 18-23 year olds.

    Nasty-Angels.com is a european amateur site that has great original content. This site really shines on it's features.
    There are a lot of amateur girls on Nasty Angels, and a wide selection of solo girl, girl-girl, and boy-girl content. The size of the sets varies quite a bit, but they're good! Videos are encoded in 640x480 DivX format which makes them really nice to watch!
    The features in the members area are pretty cool. You can adjust how many thumbs appear on a page, and you can download all the pics in a .zip file. The lightbox feature is cool.

    This site features pretty young women, mainly from southern Eastern Europe, who have just flowered into womanhood and who are now fully exploring and enjoying sex.
    Nasty Angels manages to maintain high quality across its softcore solo-girl and girl+girl pics through to its hardcore girl+boy sex pics and movies. It is worth saying that this site does not feature bulk standard professional porn that you might find on an American mega site. If you're into good quality amateur pics and vids that capture natural and fresh young women then you'll like this site.
    About 90% of this porn is completely exlusive and it is this 90% that is best about this site.

    Most of the girls are pleasantly girl-next-door looking, and some of them are very cute. We feel that the movies is the most original content this site has to offer. Fresh young women looking as though they genuinely enjoyed sucking and fucking. The guys in the girl+boy videos are young too and - we're guessing here - some may well be the girls' real boyfriends. This might explain why these girls look comfortable at getting intimate with these guys on camera.
    General conclusion: Some very nice porn here of pretty young women in soft and hardcore pictures and videos.

    Nasty-Angels.com is truly a multimedia porn site. It lets subscribers experience the seductive nature of 18-year-old women through photos, videos, interactive games, and live video chat sessions.
    The women depicted in the photos have a look of fresh-faced innocence that made me very hard. In the solo striptease photo galleries, they pose with a look that makes you feel as if they're looking right at you and exposing their pretty pink pussies just for you. I was particularly enticed by the photos of Maria A., a really cute brunette from the Ukraine who wears her hair in pigtails. She performs her striptease on a bed with silky white sheets, and she poses just like a high school gymnast.

    The hardcore photo galleries are very erotic. The men and women in these photos really seem to know each other. In fact, I was convinced that the photos in which Lilia U. and Dima C. fuck and suck were real-life depictions of a boyfriend and girlfriend in the throes of true sexual passion.
    The streaming videos include softcore and hardcore movies that are downloadable and can be viewed via Windows Media Player 9.0. They include thumbnail-sized photos that provide an overview of the ass pounding, cock sucking, pussy plunging action you will see.
    The softcore movies show women doing their thing solo-style, as well as with other women. The hardcore movies show men and women getting hot and sticky with each other in some very erotic ways. A movie showing Lorena B. giving Oddie T. a blowjob left me gasping for air. Oddie shoots a thick load in Lorena's face.

...More coming soon.


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